wind farm

a power plant that uses wind turbines to generate electricity
Hypernyms: ↑power station, ↑power plant, ↑powerhouse
Part Meronyms: ↑wind turbine

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: an area of land with a cluster of wind turbines for generating electricity

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wind farm noun
A concentration of wind-driven electricity-generating turbines, usu sited on agricultural land
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wind farm UK [ˈwɪnd ˌfɑː(r)m] US [ˈwɪnd ˌfɑrm] noun [countable] [singular wind farm plural wind farms]
a place where wind turbines are used for producing electricity from the power of the wind
Thesaurus: equipment for making and storing electricityhyponym

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wind farm «wynd fahrm»,
windmills or turbines set up as a power plant to produce electricity.

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n. an area of land with a group of energy-producing windmills or wind turbines

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wind farm [wind farm] [ˈwɪnd fɑːm] [fɑːrm] noun
an area of land on which there are a lot of ↑windmills or ↑wind turbines for producing electricity
The environment
Environmental damage
cause/contribute to climate change/global warming
produce pollution/CO2/greenhouse (gas) emissions
damage/destroy the environment/a marine ecosystem/the ozone layer/coral reefs
degrade ecosystems/habitats/the environment
harm the environment/wildlife/marine life
threaten natural habitats/coastal ecosystems/a species with extinction
deplete natural resources/the ozone layer
pollute rivers and lakes/waterways/the air/the atmosphere/the environment/oceans
contaminate groundwater/the soil/food/crops
log forests/rainforests/trees
Protecting the environment
address/combat/tackle the threat/effects/impact of climate change
fight/take action on/reduce/stop global warming
limit/curb/control air/water/atmospheric/environmental pollution
cut/reduce pollution/greenhouse gas emissions
offset carbon/CO2 emissions
reduce (the size of) your carbon footprint
achieve/promote sustainable development
preserve/conserve biodiversity/natural resources
protect endangered species/a coastal ecosystem
prevent/stop soil erosion/overfishing/massive deforestation/damage to ecosystems
raise awareness of environmental issues
save the planet/the rainforests/an endangered species
Energy and resources
conserve/save/consume/waste energy
manage/exploit/be rich in natural resources
dump/dispose of hazardous/toxic/nuclear waste
dispose of/throw away litter/(especially BrE) rubbish/(especially NAmE) garbage/(NAmE) trash/sewage
use/be made from recycled/recyclable/biodegradable material
recycle bottles/packaging/paper/plastic/waste
promote/encourage recycling/sustainable development/the use of renewable energy
develop/invest in/promote renewable energy
reduce your dependence/reliance on fossil fuels
get/obtain/generate/produce electricity from wind, solar and wave power/renewable sources
build/develop a (50-megawatt/offshore) wind farm
install/be fitted with/be powered by solar panels

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